KYBELLA™ Non-Surgical Treatment for a Double Chin

KYBELLA™ Treatment for Double Chin

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KYBELLA™ Non-Surgical Treatment for a Double Chin

What is KYBELLA™?

KYBELLA™ is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for adults with a double chin.

It uses synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that assists in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat, to target and reduce unwanted fat beneath the chin.

KYBELLA™ injections are placed directly into the fat under the chin, which breaks down stubborn pockets of fat over several treatments.

The result? A contoured, more sculpted profile. KYBELLA™ can help you look your best without surgery or downtime! It typically requires multiple treatments spaced 6–8 weeks apart for best results.

KYBELLA™ provides long-lasting results as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle! With KYBELLA™, you can say goodbye to your double chin and gain the confidence of a more defined profile. Schedule a consultation today and start feeling good about the way you look!

Are there any side effects?

KYBELLA™ has been studied extensively, and the most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and firmness in the treatment area. These symptoms usually improve within a few days after each KYBELLA™ treatment session. Some people may also experience minor itching or an uneven skin appearance at the injection site. Most of these issues resolve independently over time, requiring no additional medical care.

KYBELLA™ is one of the safest treatments for double chin reduction available today! However, it’s important to speak with your provider before you start any treatment so they can evaluate whether or not it’s right for you. They may also need to check that no underlying medical conditions could interfere with the treatment. KYBELLA™ is a safe and effective treatment for reducing double chin when used as directed. Talk to your provider today about KYBELLA™ and see if it’s right for you!

Who is a good candidate for KYBELLA™?

KYBELLA™ is best suited for adults bothered by fat and fullness beneath the chin. It can benefit all skin types and tones, but it’s important to consult an experienced provider beforehand to ensure KYBELLA™ is right for you.

KYBELLA™ has been used safely and effectively by thousands of patients worldwide — find out how Kybella can help you get the look you want without surgery or downtime! Schedule a consultation today.

How Much Does KYBELLA™ Treatment for Double Chin Cost?

The cost of KYBELLA™ varies depending on the number of treatments needed, but it typically costs between $1,500 and $2,000 for the entire course. KYBELLA™ is FDA-approved for the treatment of submental fat.

Where can I get KYBELLA™?

At Enhanced Aesthetics & Wellness, we specialize in KYBELLA™ treatments that help reduce the appearance of a double chin. We offer FDA-approved KYBELLA™ injections to ensure your safety and optimal results.

Our individualized approach to KYBELLA™ treatments allows us to develop a customized plan tailored to your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond KYBELLA™ treatments – we provide comprehensive follow-up care and education post-treatment so you can best manage any possible side effects or concerns.

At Enhanced Aesthetics & Wellness, we strive to provide our clients with the most effective KYBELLA™ treatments for double chin so that you can feel confident in your appearance. Get started today and book a consultation with our team of experts!


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