Squalane Equilibrium Restoring Gel

Squalane Equilibrium Restoring Gel


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Designed for use post-procedure, such as after laser treatments or chemical peels, this ointment-based Squalane Gel helps to keep skin hydrated and moist, as well as protected. Utilizing an ointment vehicle after laser treatments is recommended to speed the healing process and help remove char after procedures.

Squalane is an excellent moisturizer and comforting lubricant that softens and smooths the skin while also replenishing lipids. This formulation uses Squalane derived from the first cold pressing of olives making it very pure and beneficial as a lipid replenisher for the skin.

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Post-Procedure, Occlusion

Key Ingredients:

Squalane – provides moisturization for improved healing outcomes.

Petrolatum – provides occlusion protection for compromised skin.

Pro Tips:

  • Use Squalane Gel to occlude lesions or sensitive areas such as lips, corners of the nose, and eye area prior to the application of professional peeling solutions.
  • Squalane Gel is excellent to use on chapped lips, cracked skin, or areas that may become chafed from extreme environments, including mask-wearing, which has led to impaired barrier functioning and irritations.
  • Squalane Gel can also be used post-waxing to remove wax residue and provide occlusion protection from irritation or chafing.

Full Ingredients:

Squalane, Petrolatum.


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